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The Measured Up team continues to grow and we are always looking for good people to expand our service area.


Chief Inspiration Officer

Musical style: Schmarmy Love Songs

Hobby: Fibre Arts

Food Truck Dream Meal: Ceviche

Sporting Life: Cycling VP at AUTOBUS club

Years with Measured Up: Forever!

Post Pandemic Vacation Spot: North Hatley QC

Wil Pemberton Measured up Toronto


Light Bender

Musical Style: Hip-Hop/R&B

Hobby: Map Making

Food Truck Dream Meal: Tacos

Sporting Life: Snowboarding

Years with Measured Up: 2

Post Pandemic Vacation Spot: Italy!

jason team member


Conversation Architect

Musical Style: alternative/indie

Hobby: Making Music

Food Truck Dream Meal: Guerrilla Tacos

Favourite Sport: Paddling / Cycling

Years with Measured Up: 3

Post Pandemic Vacation Spot: Lake Atitlan

stephen team member


Business Development Ninja

Musical Style: Varied

Hobby: Gaming

Food Truck Dream Meal: Surf and Turf

Sporting Life: Winter Surfing

Years with Measured Up: 1

Post Pandemic Vacation Spot: Hawaii

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Measured Up

Measured Up prides itself on its accuracy. Our laser measuring methods gives precision and produces high quality digital drawings every time. Our expertise in all industry standards, including BOMA, ensures area calculations are professionally executed in our drawings.

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